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Albion Online: Quick suggestion for outdoor PvP

Hello there,


I've been doing PvP for a while now (2 weeks or so) and had some suggestion to do about outdoor pvp.


First of all, mount are a great aspect of the game but here's some things that most pvper (I believe) don't like about it

- Being able to mount in combat
- Unmounting is a really bad decision if you're getting chased because you can't use your abilities to get more Albion Onlne Silver.
- Getting jumped while on a mount (1v1 situation) gets you at around 50% HP before your mount dies and you can use your abilities. Which doesnt go towards engaging a fight 1v1 if you're mounted.

So, Here's my suggestions :

- If you get jumped on a mount, only your mount takes dmg until it dies and then you can start to fight a 1v1 (or more) situation at full HP. (Which gives you at least a chance to win)
- Add a cooldown when you unmount (or when it dies) so people cant just use their get away ability and then mount again OR increase the mounting up cast time.

That's what I thought so far. Might edit in the future if more ideas come. Feel free to reply or post what you guys think about this.

Albion Online: Removing Fast Travel has been a disaster

You're completely welcome to ignore anything and everything I say. I'm not bringing tablets down the mountain and declaring as the new law you want to follow. Consider my advice as worthless as you want.


But we both know that's not what you're doing here. Your goal is to try to convince me and others, that my points are wrong, even though you're unable or unwilling to counter them. Good luck trying to convince me that I don't know what I'm talking about. And even better luck trying to convince others. They're going to make up their own mind; possibly with a little help from me pointing out your defensive and insecure behavior and posting style.


Correct, you didn't offer any insight. You offered nothing at all that was of value to get albion online gold for sale to the discussion. Your only goal, just like nose-for-two's alt account or whomever felt the need to make a new account and make two total posts just in this thread, is to attack me because you dislike what I am saying but are incapable of countering my points.


Here's what you need to do:Take your chair and move it to the corner of your office, dorm room, basement dwellling, where ever you live, and put it in the corner. Now, turn it around and face the corner. Got it there? Good.


Now I want to you read over all your comments in this thread. Start at post 122. Here' I'll like it for you to make it easier.


Read the comments I made and the comments you made. I was posting thoughts relating to fast travel. You offered nothing but obnoxious personal attacks and attempts to bully and dismiss me, without even knowing anything at all about me.

You entered the thread to personally attack me because you disagreed with what I was saying. I tried my best to encourage you not to. I asked you to focus on the AO Silver. I warned you about continuing to make assumptions and guesses. You refused to listen.

You with me so far? Good.


Now, I want you to go over and sit in that chair you placed facing the corner. I want you to sit there and THINK about your behavior and how you conducted yourself here. I want you to think about how you dismissed someone's opinion without knowing anything about them. I also want you to think about what your behavior says to others, possibly newer members of this community who have ideas or thoughts that they'd like to share about the game. I want you to think about how likely they are to engage in discussion when people like you act the way you do against others who you want to Buy Albion Online Silver, not based on the merits of their arguments or ideas, but based on whatever assumptions you make about them.


I want you to sit there, in your "time out" chair and think about all that. Especially, when you've shown the capability of making some valid points in past threads, and expressed a desire to want to help see AO succeed as a game.


When you've done that and managed to drop the attitude you've been displaying, I'm not opposed to talking to you in TS or Discord of whatever guild you seem to believe we both have characters in (I don't see you on any guild roster of mine). Until then, stop thinking you're special or anyone owes you anything. You're not and we don't.

Fast travel in Albion Online

So a couple of weeks into the new albion beta what do you all think now? Where are all the oxcart trader tycoons who thought this would be just the greatest thing ever? All i see is thread after thread complaining that this game is a walking simulator now.


As you can all see now plainly, the game is a horrific walking simulator and no additional pvp has been created, in-fact there is less. Even when they bring back fast travel to the greenzones, the game will still be a walking simulator if you want to find albion online gold for sale in a pvp area... which i thought the point of the pvp areas was...PVP? You know that thing that almost never happens anymore because no one has time for it, due to walking endlessly.


Trying to force markets to localize in this manner is not making people spread out, it's making people spread into A DIFFERENT GAME.The stampede of casuals quitting the game because of the way everything is set up right now is really making me CRINGE because i want the game to succeed... But this game is straight up boring in it's current state, incredibly boring. Even to me and i used to LOVE it.


I am new to the game and do not know what fast travel was.Last night we were getting ready to go to a Black T7 dungeon and we were warned that it would be a three hour run.


One hour would just be to get to and from the dungeon and the other two for actually "doing" the dungeon.I am new, like I said, but I honestly have no interest in running for an hour to get AO Silver and from a dungeon - time to keep it local.


Ganking in red zones definitely has been reduced due to stiffer reputation system, now you have to pick your targets wisely.We have massive PVP every time we see a convoy roll out in black zones and it happens several times a day because we HAVE to ferry t2 mats now.


removing fast travel was the right thing to do, unfortunately due to whining vocal minority the fast travel returns to the green zones.also the game would be much better if t3 and t4 resources were removed from the outlands, keep it 5,6,7,8 only but in larger quantities.

Albion Online: One different skill

For example cleric, adept and mague only difference in one skill, that feels so clonic... and only one real choice, one skill is better for pve and another for pve... thats not a lot of posibilitys.... armors/weapons must have a real difference. To do this better make only one heavy, cloth and leather with that 3/4 different skills and dont make people waste time... u divided it into various armors only to feeeling of !wow! how many armors and weapons has the game, but the real think is this skills are clonics exept one,than you can get more Albion Online Gold... and only are 3/4 different sub tipes so... pls make more eford in progres in this aspect because there is so lake of skill content.


I mean the game is still in Beta, I am sure they will be pushing to add more variance as the game evolves and develops.


I hope so... because right now the variance of skills is pretty bored... the fact is only one char of other games like wow... have more variance of skills alone that all existing skills in albion online market... a mague in wow or a hunter alones have more skills than all existing skills with AO Silver... the game really needs to improve it. Also maybe chars need to have a set of "basic" skills asigned to one or two slots that are independent from armor... some ones learned since start, others may be doing quest... or something like that. For example heal out of combat must be a basic skill... or sprint.


I must addd that varian of sprints in boots, shiels like frost shield, fire shield +men wounds in all armors and variants of energy regain in helmets is a suck clonic skills... i am confident that devs have more imagination to do really different skills each one of others... + sprints, men wounds, energy regain etc must be deleted from armours and added in a basic skill set. Pls put skills that make it funny, not copy with some variants.... in boots u cant put a jump that make damage when land... a skill that puts a wall of fire when u are walking... a skill that puts a slowing ground of "oil" in your position a lot of funny skills... pls be more imaginative.


Go try to use a shield on a hunter in wow.. GO ahead ill wait. This games system is melded perfectly to allow balancing to all skills. If they start throwing in 10 or 15 skills for 1 character then balancing will become to big of a issue for the SI team.


Sure you can say this is still in beta, but don't forget this game was planned to release months ago before it backfired in their faces with the last beta - the devs were ready to release this game with even less than you see here.


I see a lot of added graphics, scenery, mob skins but there's a serious lack of depth in all the gear, buildings, and albion online silver farming - the same three steps apply to the entire game; whack (plant/kill/harvest), loot, repeat.


Well... For me its a bit different. I m enjoying the game right now with an adictive motivations. That one and many other flaws... I hope most get poolished out in 3-4 months. Its not an extremelly short period and I think they will be mostly successful.

Add Beefy's Kitchen to MapleStory Reboot

So long story short, I think that as long as pets can be bought with NX the Reboot server isn't what Nexon said it is. In order for Reboot server to be a Pay2Win free server ALL pets should be bought with mesos. No exceptions.(If you read the entire post then thank you!)you can buy almost anything in the Cash Shop for Mileage (their version of Reward Points), so while there are no pets for meso on Reboot, one can get a pet without paying NX (and not by somehow looting manually until one can beat Hilla, and then hoping she'll drop her pet).

To make our Reboot server as much "no NX required" as KMS Reboot, we need pets re-added to the Rewards Shop (and with no purchase limit), as well as their skills and Water of Life.

But I personally believe the correct "earn everything by working for it" thing to do would be to add Beefy's Kitchen to Reboot, as a permanent feature.
One could use the 5-hour free snail to loot enough Beefy Coins to craft a pet in the kitchen.Then the Cash Shop pets would truly be "purely cosmetic", as the only reason to get them would be because you like their looks or antics better than the craftable (or reward shop) pets.

In the rest of the servers you could get cubes from bosses. Yet they still counted as a major pay to win because paying players could get them without any problems. Same here with pets. You could kill buy MapleStory Mesos Hilla twice a day for a whole month and not get anything. And the reboot pouches aren't gonna stay here forever. You get them a couple times for the quests and after that your'e on your own. Just try doing DI without a pet, try training in MP3 without a pet and compare the results. Did you ever took a look at all the players with pets? Almost all of them only bought pets. No one's buying NX clothes because all they want is the pet that can help them win the game.
All the paying players keep saying that wer'e being selfish and won't stop whining, how about you stop whining about non paying players. The reason so many people came back to MapleStory is to play in a non P2W server, and they were ripped off. It's just a cheaper p2w server that's all.

Running a full communistic Albion Online system

I will give you this official explanation of how BC imploded leading to 90% of its player base getting kicked out of the guild. BC started off before the Beta to recruit about 50% of its current player base in order to cover 3 time zones. Ending up with about 30 new players.

The day Beta started the leader of Black Cocks got banned on his way home from work leaving me in charge as I was a senior officer. With me there was one officer for each time zone. We started off using 1 refiner per time zone which in the end forced us to gather three times the Albion Online Silver resources in order to advance to the next tier of refining. This was a planing fault due to a vastly underestimation of the vast amount of resources required to advance. When the problem got acknowledged we had to switch to using only 1 type or refining material per refiner. By this time all learning points had already been wasted and we were far behind the goal of beeing top 5 competitive. Due to lack of communication from leadership to all the new players misunderstandings were had and members were dissapointed in how things were run. Allot of new recruits then left for something they though was better. Well fuck em we didn't really care.

Due to this being a limited time test we came to the agreement to use our allies refiners. This way both our guilds would progress faster in refining higher tier which in the end would benefit both guilds. This decision wasn't made lightheartedly as every guild wants to be self sufficient however it provided a good foundation for an enjoyable beta. Now running a full communistic system supporting another guild puts allot of trust in between guilds and also within a guild. As 1-2 weeks had gone by a reoccurring pattern was developed. If you get all your gear for free with a system that makes it difficult to monitor input/output people start being more careless about their Ingam actions, leading to unnecessary deaths.


Get Albion Online matts efficiently

I think the system is fine as of now or at least on the correct track. The purpose is to help speed up your specialization skill(s) then force you to play more for others if you want it. This way person A that used all LP to craft plate chests will be ahead in the market of person B that used LP to craft plate boots but is also crafting plate chests as secondary. Let the LP pool be account wide so there are no boosts to multiple characters. Make sure if someone deletes all characters the first character starts the new global

Albion Online Silver LP pool.

Another idea is to increase LP replenishment at say a 1.5x rate while logged out of account. Boom! Casual gamers now are able to make up ground to hardcore players. Solved it!nah dude u dont understand how competition works later, this isnt console game where u play alone and all field of trees/stone/dungeons all yours. resources need time to regenerate and the amount is limited, ofc u need proper calculation and teamwork with guild to get matts efficiently, war break everyday in resource hunting , and u really need skills to do it

even in green area u compete with each other to get mats ,and imagine if current LP is there and each player abuse it more by gathering mats like crazy for their private crafting account = the competition wont be healthy anymore (it shudnt be for everyone), but if LP is removed some players will be forced to specialization in crafting thus make it competition between Cheap Albion Online Gold crafter/gatherer only, probably some get helps from their guildie (but still each of them is different person not same person with different account!)all games i knew break down bcz how its trying to care for casuals more, srsly people who jst play 1-2 hours thus labeled as casual know already that they cant get close with hc player, time is absolute nature law this is the only thing any human cant just balance.


The crafting Albion Online system favors zergs

More competent combat design. The devs make the most amateurish mistakes I've ever seen in this area of Albion Mall game design. We've got boatloads of instant cast aoe crowd control and barely any dispels. There's a skill that increases someone's damage by 137 percent, making some instant cast aoe's do about 2000 tooltip damage. Now combine this with an anti-zerg mechanic that keeps a coordinated group from focus firing based on some baffling logic I couldn't imagine. It's just a mess, and as much as it annoys me that they scrap their combat system and start from the beginning every alpha/beta, they need to scrap this one permanently because it's the worst yet. Last alpha was a pure gear game, this beta is a pure numbers game.

Make the game less zerg-friendly. Every aspect of this game favors giant alliances. The crafting system favors zergs who can funnel resources and defer spending LP until the endgame. You need a million alts to do any kind of crafting because of the LP limitations. Fame grinding is slow unless you control the best zones. The addition of tab targeting is only going to make this worse since it's going to make keystroke macro gathering even easier.

The main things that bother me here are how the zerg-friendliness intersects with the atrocious combat Cheap Albion Online Gold mechanics. Open world pvp is a competition to see who can get the first aoe cc off or saturate the area with it. Albion is very simple, so you're limited to simple solutions like using bottlenecks and constantly disengaging to fight a larger group. You can't really out-fight them in any meaningful, satisfying way.


Albion Online PvP zone access

1) Greater access to banks. The single biggest factor in people stopping playing was that they had to wander back to King's Market all the time if they didn't get a plot of land fast enough or weren't part of a Albion Online Silver guild who had PvP zone access. That the guild storage is insecure and accessible by everyone just limited everyone even more. For a large, large number of people the centre of their world was King's Market and their maximum radius was limited by this. I had a plot in Riverdale, I could wander into the dungeon there in seconds. Everyone else I was playing with had a 2-3 zone trek, by which time I'd cleared the dungeon solo and come back out.

2) Lower cap on silver drops and node resources. A single run around a dungeon took 15 minutes and, if nobody had been there lately, I'd have enough silver to ignore (even the increased value) my plot rent for a few days. The initial silver rate on mobs should be double what it was and the maximum value should be half. Similarly, if you found a couple of nodes that hadn't been harvested for a while, you could load up in a couple of minutes before waddling back to your house (or, for most people, King's Market). Yet if it was all harvested you could wander for ages before becoming full. It made playing at prime time for anything other than PvP a really inefficient use of time.

3) Faster movement speed. On the whole, a lot of time is spent travelling. Really increased movement speed would make PvP a trickier affair, so I'd suggest a momentum Albion Gold Mall  system. The longer you run - without being involved in combat - the faster you get. Up to a maximum limit, of course. So you'd run at normal speed for the first 5 seconds and it'd take 20 or so seconds to attain maximum speed.


More dangerous Albion Online zones

I would think just something like a 5-10 second cast time and be done from an item that was crafted would be all that was needed. Not really possible to do in combat and yet you might be able to give a group a slip before they find you if you hear them coming. It should be a decent Albion Online Silver chance so people feel slightly safer and willing to risk going into these more dangerous zones.

In the end, as has been seen by tiers, zone changes and flag system, they are trying to ease people and slowly guide them out into those dangerous areas. Something like this would be another one of those things that helps draw more people out there to inevitably cause more fun for all involved.

Arguing such a feature makes the game less hardcore is a bit silly, it all depends on how it is done.UO pre-trammel was much more hardcore than this game and yet it had both recall and gates that could be cast mid combat and with like a second of casting. What it did do though was get PvE and gathering types out in places they probably would not have risked if they felt they had 0 chance of escape, which then led to more targets for the people that preyed upon them.

I mean even as a HC player that loves full loot and lives out in black zones, my choice would be to make it slightly easier and more appealing for the Albion Online Power Leveling people that only gather or only do PvE to come out to these zones and try their hand while believing they have a safety net with a decent chance of success. Now why? Because that just gives me more targets to go after and keeps the red/black zones lively.

New Types Of Albion Online Accessories

I have stated this in many posts. Content content content. this game doesn't have more than 30 days of things to do.There is no items in this game besides crafting. no rares no Rare items to craft item besides simple gems or 3 type of runes. Really? so i leave to the black zones just for fame? where is the adventure in the game. i can literally start the game on day 1 and walk for 20 minutes and be in a end game area. There should be areas with tier 9 -10 11 12 13 14 15 mops Albion Online Silver  harder and harder as you go in. with rare drops scrolls maybe new types of accessories. clearly after 30 days it becomes like day z. just log on to fvk around and log off.

I think the game needs even more Time in Development than 8 Month. Because the Team seems still kind of "small" and the Problems are located deep in the groundwork of the game (UI, Combat, Cross Plrattform Support) i think if they want to solve those problems once and for all, they'll have to make deep changes. As Already mentioned,Combat is very flat und unmotivating (i think nobody acutally thinks solo, or small group PVP or PvE has something to do with skill,learn / master something),the UI is a "PC mess" and one of the clumsiest and unintuitivest Interfaces available compared to other (even low budget) titels
In my eyes these are the two main factors that will make or break the game on relase. As a third point i could add "Character and Spell Graphics and Animations" (Environment is ok tho - but due to the fact that the game wants to be playable even on the lowest tier Tablets, the current Characters, Armors, e.g. are looking like a placeholder graphic on PC)

Shure they can introduce a "repair all Button" (wow) or "increase plant yield" (wow^2) yada, yada, yada, but when it comes down to the real Problems, people (and magazines) will begin to compare Albion Gold Mall stuff. I personally can live with the fact the Character graphics are really bad, or that there is merly a good sound design nor ambient music (often mentioned in youtube reviews), because the game has some good new features concerning the "openness" and progress that motivates to some point.



Bring Important Albion Online Consequences

I do agree with some people that the focus of this game is the OW-PvP and its overall economic consequences, but I fail to see how the implementation of some sort of instanced PvP would be that bad.

You see, I don't think this idea would be actually against the game's theme. You already have hellgates and GvGs, which fit perfectly on the Albion Mall game. You already have yellow zones, you have duels, so why not implement some sort of queue for arenas in a way it does not devalue the main feature of the game (OW-PvP)? I don't understand the need to be so scared of it to the point of jumping to grab your scythes and pitchforks when you read about it.

I do believe Sandbox Interactive can build a system in which people that are on a short session or just want some practice/fun with friends can play. The important thing is that it cannot bring important consequences to the open world so the "sandbox" element is protected. If you want to play Albion Gold Mall arenas, do it, but it won't bring silver, fame, gear or any type of reward (perhaps besides some ranking) that changes the open world and its dynamic. There, the Albion's style is protected.

This game has a combat that is evolving so much. There is lots of potential to create a competitive alternative to keep people logging and no need on being so quick against it.



The Test Server Fame Albion Online Changes

This makes me want to kick puppies! First it will not stop zergs there where zergs day one. Second most people want to see their progress saved not wiped. Third the reason many want to see a wipe is to test fresh because of so many changes that have taken place as they feel it is not even (and it's not with some patches the deves evaporated some peoples progress). Forth I feel when the destiny tree gets it rework it will be time for another wipe but not before then. Fifth the player base has been shrinking waiting for a wipe, or launch, or other features to test so this can effect your lack of people to run with you.

The test server fame changes buy Albion Online Gold are a step in the right direction but only that. Just a step. Hellgates still need to have more than T4 mobs in them and there needs to be a MUCH larger world to support this size playerbase. Although if you keep the server as is, that playerbase won't be large for much longer.

I stoped playing albion a few weeks ago and I was willing to play again until I noticed that alot of things changed on the destiny board ... most of the points I had before stoping, I spent them to progress in my crafting skills and it was a HUGE amount of points ... with the actual destiny board, I could have saved all those points for something else :d My progressing on the destiny board is totally messed up now so yeah, can't wait for a wipe!

I will do the wipe when they consider it neccesary for their job, not for our happiness I guess.Said that, I would like to know if there is someone with knowledge to answer me how are they going to keep all the Cheap Albion Online Gold numbers making sense if they change map size, spawn rates, population density.... ( because I guess, hope and wish that eventually we'll have bigger map and some more servers to choose from... )


PvE Role in Albion Online

This thread is pretty much to focus on the PvE aspect of Albion Online. I want you guys to discuss everything in here to keep other threads from getting too cluttered, such as builds, and what you plan on focusing on leveling up. If you want to be a healer, a tank, or a dps type. You can also discuss good armor combinations to use against the different monsters in the Albion Online Silver, as well as we will be discussing what is needed for the different dungeons. Pretty much anything you think that will help us improve our PvE experience. I also want people to be able to say what they want to focus on on the Destiny Board so we can keep track of our strengths and weaknesses.


Greetings Strats! For those who missed our dungeon crawl last night, I am sorry! It was epic fun! @marksteele sent out a message letting people to be in T3 gear and at the guild island dock at 1AM UTC/Server Time (9PM EST).


I was 17 Fame into T2 gear and needed like 150 or 90 Fame (I can't recall) to even be able to get geared into T3 gear! Much less farming the Cheap Albion Online Gold to outfit myself in the stuff! I communicated this on mumble and immediately people came to my rescue! he grouped up with me and we met in a T3 dungeon a tile over from Queensmarket and farmed it to get me the fame necessary and I had a full T3 plate set made when we were done just in time for 1AM UTC!

It's a Beta On Albion Online

I personally feel like with how major the changes a wipe is needed. I understand everyone's reasoning against it, but I feel for balancing reason it has to done. The results you get from such a major change after a month of grinding are going to be super skewed. I say wipe the servers and reset the 3month beta period byCheap Albion Online Gold. Rebalancing from the ground up would help a lot more and just make more sense. You're going to get biased feedback from both ends of spectrum. X, Y and Z are OP/UP because my tier 5 can't/can keep up with it. I also feel like the economy is going to be thrown into chaos and again you're going to get skewed results.

It's a beta. This isn't a live game. Going hardcore and spending every second grinding to be "the best" at beta isn't exactly what beta is for. Exploring, finding bugs, doing random things that people wouldn't think of is what it's for. Any dev can pick up a 8.3 and say, man this is too much/little damage or this animation is broke. Beta tester are to do things dev's don't do or think of. Mass PvP is something devs can't do due to number. Walking every inch of the Albion Mall is something devs can't do. Grinding a mob for 300000 hours is something that can get done by a bot that the dev programs.

I used 2 million because you used 500k and 5 million. I am kind of in the middle of those, so elected to share my number. I'm not hardcore at this game. I never said I was. You seem like a pretty big dbag to combat my whole post with "You aren't hardcore". As much as you seem to care about the "hardcore" this game won't live on them.

Conjurer needs no further FFXIV branching paths

CNJ is one of those classes that cannot branch outside of something healer-related, due to more than half its skills (10/18) being healing or support spells and skills, unlike ACN which had only 4 out of 18 skills being heals or support abilities. It will thus be under-powered or over-powered as a DPS or FFXIV Gil tank; it's almost impossible to balance to make it function as part of another trinity. Basically, any DPS or tank that can self-heal as it can with a CNJ's toolkit should not even be thought about. You can say to lock Cleric Stance so they can't heal, but that renders FIVE abilities utterly useless then. ASTs were already feeling the lockout with 5 semi-useless abilities at the beginning of 3.0 (Nocturnal Sect, Celestial Opposition, Collective Unconscious, Stella, Lightspeed); having 5 utterly useless abilities will either push the new job completely out of the raid scene OR make it introduce overly powered job abilities to make up for that uselessness.


Before I even argue the merits of one class over the other, could you explain what you mean by this? Are you insinuating that Cure III and instant Regen are White Mage's only unique mechanics, or lamenting that these mechanics have leaked to Astrologian? Unclear sentence is unclear.


If you mean the former, then you'd be wrong because Aspected Benefic is an instant cast spell which grants Regen in Diurnal Sect. If you mean the latter, then you'd still be wrong because Cure III is not a spell that Astrologian has an equivalent for.

I think the classes are different enough to be distinct, so Conjurer needs no further branching paths. It would be very difficult to make Conjurer into anything besides a healer because a large number of a conjurer's skills involve curing or protecting in some form. In fact, 10 of our 18 skills are either curatives or protection spells. Compare and contrast that to Arcanist whose base class only has 2 curative UFFXIV skills (Physick and Resurrection) and one defensive skill (Eye for an Eye).


The reason it works for Arcanist is because they change the summons to become additional healers. There's not much you can change on a conjurer which wouldn't seem out of place.