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More dangerous Albion Online zones

I would think just something like a 5-10 second cast time and be done from an item that was crafted would be all that was needed. Not really possible to do in combat and yet you might be able to give a group a slip before they find you if you hear them coming. It should be a decent Albion Online Silver chance so people feel slightly safer and willing to risk going into these more dangerous zones.

In the end, as has been seen by tiers, zone changes and flag system, they are trying to ease people and slowly guide them out into those dangerous areas. Something like this would be another one of those things that helps draw more people out there to inevitably cause more fun for all involved.

Arguing such a feature makes the game less hardcore is a bit silly, it all depends on how it is done.UO pre-trammel was much more hardcore than this game and yet it had both recall and gates that could be cast mid combat and with like a second of casting. What it did do though was get PvE and gathering types out in places they probably would not have risked if they felt they had 0 chance of escape, which then led to more targets for the people that preyed upon them.

I mean even as a HC player that loves full loot and lives out in black zones, my choice would be to make it slightly easier and more appealing for the Albion Online Power Leveling people that only gather or only do PvE to come out to these zones and try their hand while believing they have a safety net with a decent chance of success. Now why? Because that just gives me more targets to go after and keeps the red/black zones lively.