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Albion Online PvP zone access

1) Greater access to banks. The single biggest factor in people stopping playing was that they had to wander back to King's Market all the time if they didn't get a plot of land fast enough or weren't part of a Albion Online Silver guild who had PvP zone access. That the guild storage is insecure and accessible by everyone just limited everyone even more. For a large, large number of people the centre of their world was King's Market and their maximum radius was limited by this. I had a plot in Riverdale, I could wander into the dungeon there in seconds. Everyone else I was playing with had a 2-3 zone trek, by which time I'd cleared the dungeon solo and come back out.

2) Lower cap on silver drops and node resources. A single run around a dungeon took 15 minutes and, if nobody had been there lately, I'd have enough silver to ignore (even the increased value) my plot rent for a few days. The initial silver rate on mobs should be double what it was and the maximum value should be half. Similarly, if you found a couple of nodes that hadn't been harvested for a while, you could load up in a couple of minutes before waddling back to your house (or, for most people, King's Market). Yet if it was all harvested you could wander for ages before becoming full. It made playing at prime time for anything other than PvP a really inefficient use of time.

3) Faster movement speed. On the whole, a lot of time is spent travelling. Really increased movement speed would make PvP a trickier affair, so I'd suggest a momentum Albion Gold Mall  system. The longer you run - without being involved in combat - the faster you get. Up to a maximum limit, of course. So you'd run at normal speed for the first 5 seconds and it'd take 20 or so seconds to attain maximum speed.