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Please rebalance PvP as a whole before FFXIV 3.2 Wolves Den

Hello fellow PvPers. Many of you on Aether may be having fun on Friday nights doing some Solo Que Wolves Den PvP and some hate those awful 15 minute matches waiting for a Limit Break to kill Astrologians.


I feel BURST damage is too high in PvP and needs to be toned down a lot come 3.2 or we will have matches like the one im presenting below more FFXIV Gil often than not.


I want to present to you a video of a part of last nights 4v4 Premade Wolves Den PvP. I did to show you the actual burst when partnered with good players who are syncing their moves together. Tea Pan is a very good player and leads his teams very well.




Watch how fast that bard on my team dies, and let me know if you saw my GCD timer vs how fast he went from 100% to 0%. That was without him using Blood for Blood either. I even prepped Lightspeed + Synastry on him because I saw them start to set up on him and it wasn't enough.


That being said, in 3.2, there will be many more premade groups and the burst is even more real with Summoners new toolkit and Warrior too.


So tell me, who wants to heal this kind of PvP come 3.2? I think UFFXIV burst damage overall needs looking into in PvP and I really hope they make some overall changes in or before 3.2 for the damage output in Wolves den or top tier games will be like this.

Anyway, thanks for the games guys. Till next time!