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August 2016
text: Albion Online: Quick suggestion for outdoor PvP
Hello there, I've been doing PvP for a while now (2 weeks or so) and had some suggestion to do about outdoor pvp. First o...
August 2016
text: Albion Online: Removing Fast Travel has been a disaster
You're completely welcome to ignore anything and everything I say. I'm not bringing tablets down the mountain and declaring a...
August 2016
text: Fast travel in Albion Online
So a couple of weeks into the new albion beta what do you all think now? Where are all the oxcart trader tycoons who thought ...
August 2016
text: Albion Online: One different skill
For example cleric, adept and mague only difference in one skill, that feels so clonic... and only one real choice, one skill...
January 2016
text: Add Beefy's Kitchen to MapleStory Reboot
So long story short, I think that as long as pets can be bought with NX the Reboot server isn't what Nexon said it is. In ord...
text: Running a full communistic Albion Online system
I will give you this official explanation of how BC imploded leading to 90% of its player base getting kicked out of the guil...
January 2016
text: Get Albion Online matts efficiently
I think the system is fine as of now or at least on the correct track. The purpose is to help speed up your specialization sk...
January 2016
text: The crafting Albion Online system favors zergs
More competent combat design. The devs make the most amateurish mistakes I've ever seen in this area of Albion Mall game desi...
January 2016
text: Albion Online PvP zone access
1) Greater access to banks. The single biggest factor in people stopping playing was that they had to wander back to King's M...
January 2016
text: More dangerous Albion Online zones
I would think just something like a 5-10 second cast time and be done from an item that was crafted would be all that was nee...
January 2016
text: New Types Of Albion Online Accessories
I have stated this in many posts. Content content content. this game doesn't have more than 30 days of things to do.There is ...
January 2016
text: Bring Important Albion Online Consequences
I do agree with some people that the focus of this game is the OW-PvP and its overall economic consequences, but I fail to se...
January 2016
text: The Test Server Fame Albion Online Changes
This makes me want to kick puppies! First it will not stop zergs there where zergs day one. Second most people want to see th...
January 2016
text: PvE Role in Albion Online
This thread is pretty much to focus on the PvE aspect of Albion Online. I want you guys to discuss everything in here to keep...
January 2016
text: It's a Beta On Albion Online
I personally feel like with how major the changes a wipe is needed. I understand everyone's reasoning against it, but I feel ...