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Conjurer needs no further FFXIV branching paths

CNJ is one of those classes that cannot branch outside of something healer-related, due to more than half its skills (10/18) being healing or support spells and skills, unlike ACN which had only 4 out of 18 skills being heals or support abilities. It will thus be under-powered or over-powered as a DPS or FFXIV Gil tank; it's almost impossible to balance to make it function as part of another trinity. Basically, any DPS or tank that can self-heal as it can with a CNJ's toolkit should not even be thought about. You can say to lock Cleric Stance so they can't heal, but that renders FIVE abilities utterly useless then. ASTs were already feeling the lockout with 5 semi-useless abilities at the beginning of 3.0 (Nocturnal Sect, Celestial Opposition, Collective Unconscious, Stella, Lightspeed); having 5 utterly useless abilities will either push the new job completely out of the raid scene OR make it introduce overly powered job abilities to make up for that uselessness.


Before I even argue the merits of one class over the other, could you explain what you mean by this? Are you insinuating that Cure III and instant Regen are White Mage's only unique mechanics, or lamenting that these mechanics have leaked to Astrologian? Unclear sentence is unclear.


If you mean the former, then you'd be wrong because Aspected Benefic is an instant cast spell which grants Regen in Diurnal Sect. If you mean the latter, then you'd still be wrong because Cure III is not a spell that Astrologian has an equivalent for.

I think the classes are different enough to be distinct, so Conjurer needs no further branching paths. It would be very difficult to make Conjurer into anything besides a healer because a large number of a conjurer's skills involve curing or protecting in some form. In fact, 10 of our 18 skills are either curatives or protection spells. Compare and contrast that to Arcanist whose base class only has 2 curative UFFXIV skills (Physick and Resurrection) and one defensive skill (Eye for an Eye).


The reason it works for Arcanist is because they change the summons to become additional healers. There's not much you can change on a conjurer which wouldn't seem out of place.