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It's a Beta On Albion Online

I personally feel like with how major the changes a wipe is needed. I understand everyone's reasoning against it, but I feel for balancing reason it has to done. The results you get from such a major change after a month of grinding are going to be super skewed. I say wipe the servers and reset the 3month beta period byCheap Albion Online Gold. Rebalancing from the ground up would help a lot more and just make more sense. You're going to get biased feedback from both ends of spectrum. X, Y and Z are OP/UP because my tier 5 can't/can keep up with it. I also feel like the economy is going to be thrown into chaos and again you're going to get skewed results.

It's a beta. This isn't a live game. Going hardcore and spending every second grinding to be "the best" at beta isn't exactly what beta is for. Exploring, finding bugs, doing random things that people wouldn't think of is what it's for. Any dev can pick up a 8.3 and say, man this is too much/little damage or this animation is broke. Beta tester are to do things dev's don't do or think of. Mass PvP is something devs can't do due to number. Walking every inch of the Albion Mall is something devs can't do. Grinding a mob for 300000 hours is something that can get done by a bot that the dev programs.

I used 2 million because you used 500k and 5 million. I am kind of in the middle of those, so elected to share my number. I'm not hardcore at this game. I never said I was. You seem like a pretty big dbag to combat my whole post with "You aren't hardcore". As much as you seem to care about the "hardcore" this game won't live on them.