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PvE Role in Albion Online

This thread is pretty much to focus on the PvE aspect of Albion Online. I want you guys to discuss everything in here to keep other threads from getting too cluttered, such as builds, and what you plan on focusing on leveling up. If you want to be a healer, a tank, or a dps type. You can also discuss good armor combinations to use against the different monsters in the Albion Online Silver, as well as we will be discussing what is needed for the different dungeons. Pretty much anything you think that will help us improve our PvE experience. I also want people to be able to say what they want to focus on on the Destiny Board so we can keep track of our strengths and weaknesses.


Greetings Strats! For those who missed our dungeon crawl last night, I am sorry! It was epic fun! @marksteele sent out a message letting people to be in T3 gear and at the guild island dock at 1AM UTC/Server Time (9PM EST).


I was 17 Fame into T2 gear and needed like 150 or 90 Fame (I can't recall) to even be able to get geared into T3 gear! Much less farming the Cheap Albion Online Gold to outfit myself in the stuff! I communicated this on mumble and immediately people came to my rescue! he grouped up with me and we met in a T3 dungeon a tile over from Queensmarket and farmed it to get me the fame necessary and I had a full T3 plate set made when we were done just in time for 1AM UTC!