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The Test Server Fame Albion Online Changes

This makes me want to kick puppies! First it will not stop zergs there where zergs day one. Second most people want to see their progress saved not wiped. Third the reason many want to see a wipe is to test fresh because of so many changes that have taken place as they feel it is not even (and it's not with some patches the deves evaporated some peoples progress). Forth I feel when the destiny tree gets it rework it will be time for another wipe but not before then. Fifth the player base has been shrinking waiting for a wipe, or launch, or other features to test so this can effect your lack of people to run with you.

The test server fame changes buy Albion Online Gold are a step in the right direction but only that. Just a step. Hellgates still need to have more than T4 mobs in them and there needs to be a MUCH larger world to support this size playerbase. Although if you keep the server as is, that playerbase won't be large for much longer.

I stoped playing albion a few weeks ago and I was willing to play again until I noticed that alot of things changed on the destiny board ... most of the points I had before stoping, I spent them to progress in my crafting skills and it was a HUGE amount of points ... with the actual destiny board, I could have saved all those points for something else :d My progressing on the destiny board is totally messed up now so yeah, can't wait for a wipe!

I will do the wipe when they consider it neccesary for their job, not for our happiness I guess.Said that, I would like to know if there is someone with knowledge to answer me how are they going to keep all the Cheap Albion Online Gold numbers making sense if they change map size, spawn rates, population density.... ( because I guess, hope and wish that eventually we'll have bigger map and some more servers to choose from... )