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New Types Of Albion Online Accessories

I have stated this in many posts. Content content content. this game doesn't have more than 30 days of things to do.There is no items in this game besides crafting. no rares no Rare items to craft item besides simple gems or 3 type of runes. Really? so i leave to the black zones just for fame? where is the adventure in the game. i can literally start the game on day 1 and walk for 20 minutes and be in a end game area. There should be areas with tier 9 -10 11 12 13 14 15 mops Albion Online Silver  harder and harder as you go in. with rare drops scrolls maybe new types of accessories. clearly after 30 days it becomes like day z. just log on to fvk around and log off.

I think the game needs even more Time in Development than 8 Month. Because the Team seems still kind of "small" and the Problems are located deep in the groundwork of the game (UI, Combat, Cross Plrattform Support) i think if they want to solve those problems once and for all, they'll have to make deep changes. As Already mentioned,Combat is very flat und unmotivating (i think nobody acutally thinks solo, or small group PVP or PvE has something to do with skill,learn / master something),the UI is a "PC mess" and one of the clumsiest and unintuitivest Interfaces available compared to other (even low budget) titels
In my eyes these are the two main factors that will make or break the game on relase. As a third point i could add "Character and Spell Graphics and Animations" (Environment is ok tho - but due to the fact that the game wants to be playable even on the lowest tier Tablets, the current Characters, Armors, e.g. are looking like a placeholder graphic on PC)

Shure they can introduce a "repair all Button" (wow) or "increase plant yield" (wow^2) yada, yada, yada, but when it comes down to the real Problems, people (and magazines) will begin to compare Albion Gold Mall stuff. I personally can live with the fact the Character graphics are really bad, or that there is merly a good sound design nor ambient music (often mentioned in youtube reviews), because the game has some good new features concerning the "openness" and progress that motivates to some point.