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The crafting Albion Online system favors zergs

More competent combat design. The devs make the most amateurish mistakes I've ever seen in this area of Albion Mall game design. We've got boatloads of instant cast aoe crowd control and barely any dispels. There's a skill that increases someone's damage by 137 percent, making some instant cast aoe's do about 2000 tooltip damage. Now combine this with an anti-zerg mechanic that keeps a coordinated group from focus firing based on some baffling logic I couldn't imagine. It's just a mess, and as much as it annoys me that they scrap their combat system and start from the beginning every alpha/beta, they need to scrap this one permanently because it's the worst yet. Last alpha was a pure gear game, this beta is a pure numbers game.

Make the game less zerg-friendly. Every aspect of this game favors giant alliances. The crafting system favors zergs who can funnel resources and defer spending LP until the endgame. You need a million alts to do any kind of crafting because of the LP limitations. Fame grinding is slow unless you control the best zones. The addition of tab targeting is only going to make this worse since it's going to make keystroke macro gathering even easier.

The main things that bother me here are how the zerg-friendliness intersects with the atrocious combat Cheap Albion Online Gold mechanics. Open world pvp is a competition to see who can get the first aoe cc off or saturate the area with it. Albion is very simple, so you're limited to simple solutions like using bottlenecks and constantly disengaging to fight a larger group. You can't really out-fight them in any meaningful, satisfying way.