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Get Albion Online matts efficiently

I think the system is fine as of now or at least on the correct track. The purpose is to help speed up your specialization skill(s) then force you to play more for others if you want it. This way person A that used all LP to craft plate chests will be ahead in the market of person B that used LP to craft plate boots but is also crafting plate chests as secondary. Let the LP pool be account wide so there are no boosts to multiple characters. Make sure if someone deletes all characters the first character starts the new global

Albion Online Silver LP pool.

Another idea is to increase LP replenishment at say a 1.5x rate while logged out of account. Boom! Casual gamers now are able to make up ground to hardcore players. Solved it!nah dude u dont understand how competition works later, this isnt console game where u play alone and all field of trees/stone/dungeons all yours. resources need time to regenerate and the amount is limited, ofc u need proper calculation and teamwork with guild to get matts efficiently, war break everyday in resource hunting , and u really need skills to do it

even in green area u compete with each other to get mats ,and imagine if current LP is there and each player abuse it more by gathering mats like crazy for their private crafting account = the competition wont be healthy anymore (it shudnt be for everyone), but if LP is removed some players will be forced to specialization in crafting thus make it competition between Cheap Albion Online Gold crafter/gatherer only, probably some get helps from their guildie (but still each of them is different person not same person with different account!)all games i knew break down bcz how its trying to care for casuals more, srsly people who jst play 1-2 hours thus labeled as casual know already that they cant get close with hc player, time is absolute nature law this is the only thing any human cant just balance.