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Running a full communistic Albion Online system

I will give you this official explanation of how BC imploded leading to 90% of its player base getting kicked out of the guild. BC started off before the Beta to recruit about 50% of its current player base in order to cover 3 time zones. Ending up with about 30 new players.

The day Beta started the leader of Black Cocks got banned on his way home from work leaving me in charge as I was a senior officer. With me there was one officer for each time zone. We started off using 1 refiner per time zone which in the end forced us to gather three times the Albion Online Silver resources in order to advance to the next tier of refining. This was a planing fault due to a vastly underestimation of the vast amount of resources required to advance. When the problem got acknowledged we had to switch to using only 1 type or refining material per refiner. By this time all learning points had already been wasted and we were far behind the goal of beeing top 5 competitive. Due to lack of communication from leadership to all the new players misunderstandings were had and members were dissapointed in how things were run. Allot of new recruits then left for something they though was better. Well fuck em we didn't really care.

Due to this being a limited time test we came to the agreement to use our allies refiners. This way both our guilds would progress faster in refining higher tier which in the end would benefit both guilds. This decision wasn't made lightheartedly as every guild wants to be self sufficient however it provided a good foundation for an enjoyable beta. Now running a full communistic system supporting another guild puts allot of trust in between guilds and also within a guild. As 1-2 weeks had gone by a reoccurring pattern was developed. If you get all your gear for free with a system that makes it difficult to monitor input/output people start being more careless about their Ingam actions, leading to unnecessary deaths.