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Add Beefy's Kitchen to MapleStory Reboot

So long story short, I think that as long as pets can be bought with NX the Reboot server isn't what Nexon said it is. In order for Reboot server to be a Pay2Win free server ALL pets should be bought with mesos. No exceptions.(If you read the entire post then thank you!)you can buy almost anything in the Cash Shop for Mileage (their version of Reward Points), so while there are no pets for meso on Reboot, one can get a pet without paying NX (and not by somehow looting manually until one can beat Hilla, and then hoping she'll drop her pet).

To make our Reboot server as much "no NX required" as KMS Reboot, we need pets re-added to the Rewards Shop (and with no purchase limit), as well as their skills and Water of Life.

But I personally believe the correct "earn everything by working for it" thing to do would be to add Beefy's Kitchen to Reboot, as a permanent feature.
One could use the 5-hour free snail to loot enough Beefy Coins to craft a pet in the kitchen.Then the Cash Shop pets would truly be "purely cosmetic", as the only reason to get them would be because you like their looks or antics better than the craftable (or reward shop) pets.

In the rest of the servers you could get cubes from bosses. Yet they still counted as a major pay to win because paying players could get them without any problems. Same here with pets. You could kill buy MapleStory Mesos Hilla twice a day for a whole month and not get anything. And the reboot pouches aren't gonna stay here forever. You get them a couple times for the quests and after that your'e on your own. Just try doing DI without a pet, try training in MP3 without a pet and compare the results. Did you ever took a look at all the players with pets? Almost all of them only bought pets. No one's buying NX clothes because all they want is the pet that can help them win the game.
All the paying players keep saying that wer'e being selfish and won't stop whining, how about you stop whining about non paying players. The reason so many people came back to MapleStory is to play in a non P2W server, and they were ripped off. It's just a cheaper p2w server that's all.