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Albion Online: One different skill

For example cleric, adept and mague only difference in one skill, that feels so clonic... and only one real choice, one skill is better for pve and another for pve... thats not a lot of posibilitys.... armors/weapons must have a real difference. To do this better make only one heavy, cloth and leather with that 3/4 different skills and dont make people waste time... u divided it into various armors only to feeeling of !wow! how many armors and weapons has the game, but the real think is this skills are clonics exept one,than you can get more Albion Online Gold... and only are 3/4 different sub tipes so... pls make more eford in progres in this aspect because there is so lake of skill content.


I mean the game is still in Beta, I am sure they will be pushing to add more variance as the game evolves and develops.


I hope so... because right now the variance of skills is pretty bored... the fact is only one char of other games like wow... have more variance of skills alone that all existing skills in albion online market... a mague in wow or a hunter alones have more skills than all existing skills with AO Silver... the game really needs to improve it. Also maybe chars need to have a set of "basic" skills asigned to one or two slots that are independent from armor... some ones learned since start, others may be doing quest... or something like that. For example heal out of combat must be a basic skill... or sprint.


I must addd that varian of sprints in boots, shiels like frost shield, fire shield +men wounds in all armors and variants of energy regain in helmets is a suck clonic skills... i am confident that devs have more imagination to do really different skills each one of others... + sprints, men wounds, energy regain etc must be deleted from armours and added in a basic skill set. Pls put skills that make it funny, not copy with some variants.... in boots u cant put a jump that make damage when land... a skill that puts a wall of fire when u are walking... a skill that puts a slowing ground of "oil" in your position a lot of funny skills... pls be more imaginative.


Go try to use a shield on a hunter in wow.. GO ahead ill wait. This games system is melded perfectly to allow balancing to all skills. If they start throwing in 10 or 15 skills for 1 character then balancing will become to big of a issue for the SI team.


Sure you can say this is still in beta, but don't forget this game was planned to release months ago before it backfired in their faces with the last beta - the devs were ready to release this game with even less than you see here.


I see a lot of added graphics, scenery, mob skins but there's a serious lack of depth in all the gear, buildings, and albion online silver farming - the same three steps apply to the entire game; whack (plant/kill/harvest), loot, repeat.


Well... For me its a bit different. I m enjoying the game right now with an adictive motivations. That one and many other flaws... I hope most get poolished out in 3-4 months. Its not an extremelly short period and I think they will be mostly successful.