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Fast travel in Albion Online

So a couple of weeks into the new albion beta what do you all think now? Where are all the oxcart trader tycoons who thought this would be just the greatest thing ever? All i see is thread after thread complaining that this game is a walking simulator now.


As you can all see now plainly, the game is a horrific walking simulator and no additional pvp has been created, in-fact there is less. Even when they bring back fast travel to the greenzones, the game will still be a walking simulator if you want to find albion online gold for sale in a pvp area... which i thought the point of the pvp areas was...PVP? You know that thing that almost never happens anymore because no one has time for it, due to walking endlessly.


Trying to force markets to localize in this manner is not making people spread out, it's making people spread into A DIFFERENT GAME.The stampede of casuals quitting the game because of the way everything is set up right now is really making me CRINGE because i want the game to succeed... But this game is straight up boring in it's current state, incredibly boring. Even to me and i used to LOVE it.


I am new to the game and do not know what fast travel was.Last night we were getting ready to go to a Black T7 dungeon and we were warned that it would be a three hour run.


One hour would just be to get to and from the dungeon and the other two for actually "doing" the dungeon.I am new, like I said, but I honestly have no interest in running for an hour to get AO Silver and from a dungeon - time to keep it local.


Ganking in red zones definitely has been reduced due to stiffer reputation system, now you have to pick your targets wisely.We have massive PVP every time we see a convoy roll out in black zones and it happens several times a day because we HAVE to ferry t2 mats now.


removing fast travel was the right thing to do, unfortunately due to whining vocal minority the fast travel returns to the green zones.also the game would be much better if t3 and t4 resources were removed from the outlands, keep it 5,6,7,8 only but in larger quantities.