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Albion Online: Removing Fast Travel has been a disaster

You're completely welcome to ignore anything and everything I say. I'm not bringing tablets down the mountain and declaring as the new law you want to follow. Consider my advice as worthless as you want.


But we both know that's not what you're doing here. Your goal is to try to convince me and others, that my points are wrong, even though you're unable or unwilling to counter them. Good luck trying to convince me that I don't know what I'm talking about. And even better luck trying to convince others. They're going to make up their own mind; possibly with a little help from me pointing out your defensive and insecure behavior and posting style.


Correct, you didn't offer any insight. You offered nothing at all that was of value to get albion online gold for sale to the discussion. Your only goal, just like nose-for-two's alt account or whomever felt the need to make a new account and make two total posts just in this thread, is to attack me because you dislike what I am saying but are incapable of countering my points.


Here's what you need to do:Take your chair and move it to the corner of your office, dorm room, basement dwellling, where ever you live, and put it in the corner. Now, turn it around and face the corner. Got it there? Good.


Now I want to you read over all your comments in this thread. Start at post 122. Here' I'll like it for you to make it easier.


Read the comments I made and the comments you made. I was posting thoughts relating to fast travel. You offered nothing but obnoxious personal attacks and attempts to bully and dismiss me, without even knowing anything at all about me.

You entered the thread to personally attack me because you disagreed with what I was saying. I tried my best to encourage you not to. I asked you to focus on the AO Silver. I warned you about continuing to make assumptions and guesses. You refused to listen.

You with me so far? Good.


Now, I want you to go over and sit in that chair you placed facing the corner. I want you to sit there and THINK about your behavior and how you conducted yourself here. I want you to think about how you dismissed someone's opinion without knowing anything about them. I also want you to think about what your behavior says to others, possibly newer members of this community who have ideas or thoughts that they'd like to share about the game. I want you to think about how likely they are to engage in discussion when people like you act the way you do against others who you want to Buy Albion Online Silver, not based on the merits of their arguments or ideas, but based on whatever assumptions you make about them.


I want you to sit there, in your "time out" chair and think about all that. Especially, when you've shown the capability of making some valid points in past threads, and expressed a desire to want to help see AO succeed as a game.


When you've done that and managed to drop the attitude you've been displaying, I'm not opposed to talking to you in TS or Discord of whatever guild you seem to believe we both have characters in (I don't see you on any guild roster of mine). Until then, stop thinking you're special or anyone owes you anything. You're not and we don't.