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Albion Online: Quick suggestion for outdoor PvP

Hello there,


I've been doing PvP for a while now (2 weeks or so) and had some suggestion to do about outdoor pvp.


First of all, mount are a great aspect of the game but here's some things that most pvper (I believe) don't like about it

- Being able to mount in combat
- Unmounting is a really bad decision if you're getting chased because you can't use your abilities to get more Albion Onlne Silver.
- Getting jumped while on a mount (1v1 situation) gets you at around 50% HP before your mount dies and you can use your abilities. Which doesnt go towards engaging a fight 1v1 if you're mounted.

So, Here's my suggestions :

- If you get jumped on a mount, only your mount takes dmg until it dies and then you can start to fight a 1v1 (or more) situation at full HP. (Which gives you at least a chance to win)
- Add a cooldown when you unmount (or when it dies) so people cant just use their get away ability and then mount again OR increase the mounting up cast time.

That's what I thought so far. Might edit in the future if more ideas come. Feel free to reply or post what you guys think about this.